The Art of Living

In the Art of Living, we present the work of artists – writers, photographers, visual artists, composers and singers and jazz players, some better known than others– who have created beautiful work about the notions that pass through our heads in The Third Act, like the passing of time; the sorrow, uncertainty and pleasure of old age; about dying and immortality and love and passion; and about the need for friends. And we have now produced and completed Season One of Five Wise Guys, a video series of 8 episodes in which five older men, aged 69-84, share with one another what’s going on in our lives – often in great hilarity.
Throughout all the material is the theme that you “don’t die till you’re dead.” We may be closer to the end, but there’s a hell of a lot we can still imagine and accomplish –and fun to be had.
Let us know what’s going on in with you by sharing comments after any material in The Art of Living that has particular meaning for you. It will help guide us in the selection of fresh content every week.