S1 E2 | Health, Mortality & Friendship

In Episode 2, the Five Wise Guys delve deep into the issues of health, mortality and the value of friendships in The Third Act. 

Meet the Five Wise Guys and hear what they’ve got on their minds — actors, writers, storytellers all — as they kibbitz about life in The Third Act. Five Wise Guys is the Project’s first TV show and features writer and TAP co-founder Sam Bittman; actor Jeff Kent; bookman and storyteller Matthew Tannenbaum; author and playwright Daniel Klein; and actor Bob Lohbauer as they ruminate on the realities of later life.

View all past episodes on the Five Wise Guys YouTube channel here.

4 thoughts on “S1 E2 | Health, Mortality & Friendship

  1. Congratulations on a wonderful series!! Love it. Feel like I am a fly on your wall and fit in because I am a wise old dame.

  2. Hey you guys I’m hooked! Forcing myself to not binge watch in all my down time. Just loving your honesty and closeness. What a great idea, to post this. Love you Sam. Beverly Grasso

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