S1E3 | The Future


In Episode 3, the Five Wise Guys explore what “the future” means at their age. Which, ultimately, leads to further digging into the notion of mortality. Laughs abound as The Five Wise Guys figure out how to manage what’s coming their way.

Meet the Five Wise Guys and hear what they’ve got on their minds — actors, writers, storytellers all — as they kibbitz about life in The Third Act. Five Wise Guys is the Project’s first TV show and features writer and TAP co-founder Sam Bittman; actor Jeff Kent; bookman and storyteller Matthew Tannenbaum; author and playwright Daniel Klein; and actor Bob Lohbauer as they ruminate on the realities of later life.

4 thoughts on “S1E3 | The Future

  1. I am really into what you 5 Wise Guys are doing in your sessions. I am in your generation, and I think about these things. And I discuss them in the Men’s Group I am in with Sammy. But it is great to get the slant you guys provide in your impromptu discussions, and it gets me thinking. As just one example, I just watched Episode 3 about what the future means when you get to a certain age, and the comments about wanting to be around to see how it all turns out for your loved ones really rang true with me. I don’t fear death, because I believe you just end and don’t even know it has happened. (And anyway, all of us alive are on the same moving treadmill that begins with birth and ends with death; some of us are just closer to the end than others). But I do wish that I could know the future of the people I love after I am gone, and see how it all turns out (of course it is all turning out all the time, even as I write this). And being a scientist gives me another perspective on it all. I love (and teach) great scientific mysteries, like how our squishy brains yield consciousness, and what completely weird quantum mechanics is really telling us about the nature of Reality. I believe that at least some of these mysteries will ultimately be solved, and I wish I could somehow get the word after I end about what the solution turned out to be. So keep it up, guys- as one of your other commenters said, there is actually a silent sixth person there at your meetings, and he is me.

  2. Carter,
    Your response to the show is heart-warming to me and the other wise guys, as it is precisely what I was hoping to achieve. Episode 4 goes up this Sunday night.
    Many, many thanks!

  3. just starting to watch the series and am really enjoying it. I’m only 67, so maybe it’s presumptuous for me to comment! But I do have alot of older friends, and the happiest ones are those who have not lost the capacity to be surprised and to be open to new things…One example: We persuaded a friend to get up at a gathering and recite a poem. He did so, but with much trepidation and shyness. He looked up at the end, and suddenly cracked a joke. Everyone laughed, and some really good material followed. He had no idea that he had this talent!

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