E1 | Five Wise Guys (Pilot)

Now TAP members and visitors can look in on a group of interesting older guys — actors, writers, storytellers all — as they kibbitz about life in The Third Act. Five Wise Guys is the Project’s first TV show and features writer and TAP co-founder Sam Bittman; actor Jeff Kent; bookman and storyteller Matthew Tannenbaum; author and playwright Daniel Klein; and actor Bob Lohbauer as they ruminate on the realities of later life. What’s beautiful and moving is that these guys are open, compassionate and caring men. And even when the conversation gets a little serious, humor is never far away. They’re a hoot to listen in on.

Watch all episodes of The Five Wise Guys here.

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4 thoughts on “E1 | Five Wise Guys (Pilot)

  1. Sam, you’ve created beautiful, inspirational, spiritual and magical moments, in which both men and women can find comfort and support. xoxoxo Shaindle

    1. Hi Jo —
      Thanks for you patience. We were migrating from Vimeo to YouTube — please tune in now, and new content is live!

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