S2 E4 | Melancholy Baby | Part 1

Sam, Matt, and Jeff in Danny Klein’s “Melancholy Baby,” a short play in which three older men try to come to terms with their sexual identities. Directed by Wise Guy Bob Lohbauer, the play also features Casey McShane.

Meet the Five Wise Guys and hear what they’ve got on their minds — actors, writers, storytellers all — as they kibbitz about life in The Third Act. Five Wise Guys is the Project’s first TV show and features writer and TAP co-founder Sam Bittman; actor Jeff Kent; bookman and storyteller Matthew Tannenbaum; author and playwright Daniel Klein; and actor Bob Lohbauer as they ruminate on the realities of later life.

View all past episodes on the Five Wise Guys YouTube channel here.

7 thoughts on “S2 E4 | Melancholy Baby | Part 1

  1. So, first I see this adorable crew of men on the cover of the Artful Mind…love the photo, by the way, and I grab two – one for me and one for my daughter, Jennie. Over breakfast I read what you are up to – and then search for your collaboration. It’s totally great. To be in your circle will keep you all alive until 105. Mazel tov…

  2. You guys were all great in Melancholy Baby. Your truths are encapsulated so touchingly. I wanted to see more. Very well acted guys.

  3. Hark how the Mower Damon sung,
    With love of Juliana stung!
    While everything did seem to paint
    The scene more fit for his complaint.
    Like her fair eyes the day was fair,
    But scorching like his am’rous care.
    Sharp like his scythe his sorrow was,
    And withered like his hopes the grass…

    – From “Damon the Mower” by Andrew Marvell

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