“This is All I Ask”

“As I approach the prime of my life, I find I have the time of my life, learning to enjoy at my leisure all the simple pleasures…”

The Winter of a Healthy Old Age

Old age is not always a portrait of decrepitude and a signal of imminent death. Ishmael’s description of Father Mapple in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick is in my mind the most celebratory depiction of “the winter of a healthy old age” – the possibility that one’s vitality may survive well into old age.

Who’s Worth It? – Deciding Who to Spend Our Time With During the Apocalypse

During these dark times, one has to keep focused on who really matters. Let us who you’re holing up with right now.

Friendship of men, Reassurance, Nurturing, Connections

Our connection is that of shared experience. How reassuring, how nurturing, how fortunate to be understood!

Five Wise Guys Official Trailer

A group of really funny old guys schmooze about the ups and downs of life after youth. Here’s your chance to check out the official trailer from Season 1.