A Rough Start to My Third Act

Patrick Bonavitacola, actor, teacher and writer, describes the bewildering heartbreak of becoming a widower at the beginning of his Third Act.

Artists in Later Life, Part 1: Monet Stayed Inspired

French impressionist Claude Monet — who painted well into his 80s, even after his vision was clouded by cataracts — created some of his most well-known works in the last decades of his life. After a long career as a renowned and financially successful artist, Monet retreated to the beloved gardens of his home in […]

Old Tribesmen

The grizzled, worn face, the fire that still burns in his eyes, see the beauty in the patterns of wear, the understated strength, the still endurance of a life long lived

Challenging the Cult of Youth

‘Aging Pride’ Challenges the Cult of Youth The New York Times, February 8, 2018By Jason Farago VIENNA — The day after I arrived in this grand city, the ostentatious capital of an empire that vanished 100 years ago, a taxi emblazoned with an ad for an Austrian brand of mineral water drove past me. Its […]

What if the answer to “when” is never?

I’m not sure about the term, “Bucket List”…