When Did You Become Invisible?

At a certain age you become invisible, your mojo springs a leak, that sexual scat you give off lessens, that lust the opposite sex felt for you begins to dissipate and turns into something else your ego must endure, with or without the aid of antidepressants.

Old Friends & the Fun of Play

The lovely excerpt on friendship in old age comes from Daniel Klein. The author re-discovers the power of friendship and play while pondering what constitutes a “fulfilled life”.

How Do You Keep the Music Playing?

I love the song “How Do You Keep the Music Playing?”. These days, it evokes an entirely new way of approaching the question because I’m experiencing it in through the heart of a now-older man.

“Afternoon Lovemaking”

A short poem Buff Whitman-Bradley that captures the essential moments of life in the Third Act.

Forget Me Not

What is it like to care for a lifelong companion who is slipping away from you day by day? What keeps us going when things get tough?