The 10 Essential William Holden Performances

I first saw William Holden in Sunset Boulevard when I was twelve years old. One would have thought that, given his golden voice-over throughout the film, he was going to survive the weird noir-ish nightmare he’d stepped into and took advantage of. My first experience with an unreliable narrator. I encourage you to check out this wonderful […]

How to Become Immortal

At eighty-five there is no refuting my turn on the deathbed; it is inevitable; my time will come.

From Youth to YOU

I hear a lot of older men complain about no longer “being in the game.” I know what they are saying and feeling.

The Look & Feel of Age (Satire)

The special regard in which the community holds its elders sometimes feels a little patronizing.

Encounters in a Wintry City

Though Leonard Quart expresses disdain for the infirmities of old age, his determination to march on and prosper — in spite of the time of year and of life — show us the way forward. Don’t die till you’re dead! I am suffering from neuropathy. Since last June my feet have been giving me a […]