Time in Art

Human are preoccupied with time. There’s time that’s already gone by and time yet to come, and in between is the present, the moment.

Just Visiting

Stephen Zimmer shares an ongoing grief over his younger brother’s untimely illness and the eventual ending of Joel’s Third Act.

The 10 Essential William Holden Performances

I first saw William Holden in Sunset Boulevard when I was twelve years old. One would have thought that, given his golden voice-over throughout the film, he was going to survive the weird noir-ish nightmare he’d stepped into and took advantage of. My first experience with an unreliable narrator. I encourage you to check out this wonderful […]

How to Become Immortal

At eighty-five there is no refuting my turn on the deathbed; it is inevitable; my time will come.

The Secrets to Aging Gracefully, with Joy and Meaning

Are you entering or in your “Third Act” of life, perhaps feeling the loss of perceived influence and affluence, or just not as “in the game” as you once were? This read will open you up to the astonishments of what can happen when you embrace the man you are now, and that how old you are is not as important as how you are old.

Try taking a look at your life with a new lens, new voice and renewed identity and feel free to share with us your experiences.