“When Compasses Grow Old ” & “Runaway Train”

When compasses grow old, And can no longer be certain, About precisely where north is

“As We Grow Older” & “The Job of Memory”

If you forget my name, I will become a window, Facing the sea

“Adopt a Highway” & “The Next Small Thing”

I hope that when I die, My old pals and chums, Will adopt a highway

“At the Driveway Guitar Sale” & “Afternoon Lovemaking”

At the driveway guitar sale, I watch old men, Heft various 60’s electrics, And strike surly-lead-guitarist poses…

“Memory” & “Horses”

We old folk talk a lot of the hereafter: we walk into a room and say, “what are we here after?” Buff Whitman-Bradley tries to get back to a favorite childhood memory, and then another! Memory I am hiking a muddy trailIn the wooded hillsOn a brilliant spring morningAfter many days of rain.Purple and ivory […]