“Adopt a Highway” & “The Next Small Thing”

I hope that when I die, My old pals and chums, Will adopt a highway

“At the Driveway Guitar Sale” & “Afternoon Lovemaking”

At the driveway guitar sale, I watch old men, Heft various 60’s electrics, And strike surly-lead-guitarist poses…

“Memory’s Horses,” “Tricycle,” and “Molecular Biology”

We old folk talk a lot of the hereafter: we walk into a room and say, “what are we here after?” Buff Whitman-Bradley tries to get back to a favorite childhood memory, and then another! Memory’s Horses I am hiking a muddy trailIn the wooded hillsOn a brilliant spring morningAfter many days of rain.Purple and […]

“Time Passes”

Three songs about the passing of time and the artists behind them.

“Molecular Biology”

By now your body is probably just molecules spread out all over the place mingling with other kinds of molecules in the earth the water the air…